Manufacturing and services - General contractor

We are general contractor of the industrial objects within the whole country and abroad.
We offer full scope of services for our customers.

We deal with designing, production and assembly of the multifunctional steel structures, completion of the light casings for building objects and specialist support structures for technological devices.

A freezer hall "Scandic food" in Lipsko (area 3000m2)

Construction of zinc-works in Radomsko (area 5000m2)

A production hall in Colep Kleszczów (area 1500m2)

A hall in Uponor Kleszczów (area 1000m2)

A shopping centre "Era Park" in Radomsko (area 8500m2)

A shopping centre in Wieluń (area 6500m2)

Construction of a service centre "PORT"

A hall in ECO WOOD (area 3500m2)

A hall in Lwówek Śląski (area 3500m2)

A storage hall in Amcor Radomsko (area 3600m2)

A hall in Lipsko (area 2500m2)

Reconstruction and development of an office building (area 1200m2)

Construction of an amenity building (area 1250m2)

Construction of a hall for manufacturing and storing cans (area 5000m2)

Construction of a product filling hall (area 1500m2)

Development of the GEA production-storage hall in Swiebodzice (area 16000m2)

A storehouse for finished products in COATS Polska

Development of the production hall in KERSTEN in Kleszczów (area 2500m2)

A fruit and vegetable processing hall in Zalesiaki

Construction of a production hall in Swiebodzice (area 7000m2)