Industrial construction - Steel structures

We have long-standing experience in production and assembly of steel structures of any type for the purposes of construction, road engineering, energetics, car and shipbuilding industry. 
We have in our disposal 12 000 m² of the production halls equipped with metal working tools, overhead cranes 8 T - 32 T.

PROFIX in Łomna - a storage hall (area 2500 m2)

Technical University of Łódź - a pedestrian overbridge

MAKRO in Bratislava - a steel structure

Border crossing in Dołhobyczów - a steel structure

Stadium in Siedlce - a steel structure

The stadium in Gdańsk - a steel support structure and prefabrication of pipes

3D contour cutting plant - a production hall

Laser cutting and chamfering of pipes 355x18

YKK Polska – a storehouse

Reinforced concrete construction for Haering Polska. 16 000 sq.m. total area

A steel structure of the "Olimpia" gallery in Bełchatów. 900 tons.

Stadiums / airports / railway bridges / pedestrian bridges